About Us


Established in 2004, what some would call a little whole in the wall, has come to be the “Place to Go” for authentic old world Italian food.  With authentic old world Italian recipes (the kind that make your mouth water just thinking about them) owner Michelle Gully and her family help bring back the memories of Grandma’s Sunday dinners.  With each dish being made to order with all fresh ingredients, you can’t help but say “Wow” with every bite you take!   Come try this little bit of Italy and skip the Jetlag!  Ciao

 Meet the Owner: Michelle Gully

After working here at “Mamma Susanna’s for 6 years, Michelle Gully wanted to buy the restaurant with the idea of bringing back the “Family Feeling” to the restaurant.  So, in January of 2015 Michelle bought the restaurant from the owner at the time Greg Shilin and with the help of her husband and 3 children have brought that family feeling back and added some great recipes / specials to the menu.

So next time you have the feeling for some great “Italian Food” remember “Mamma Susanna’s” and remember;

Chi Mangia, Vive Bene!  Or   Who Eats Well, Lives Well!

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